class edifice.Slider(value=0.0, min_value=0, max_value=1, dtype=<class 'float'>, orientation='horizontal', on_change=<function Slider.<lambda>>, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: edifice.base_components.QtWidgetComponent

Slider bar widget.


Horizontal and vertical sliders

A Slider bar allows the user to input a continuous value. The bar could be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

The value prop determines the initial value of the widget, and it could either be an integer or a float When the user changes the value of the slider, the on_change callback is called with the new value.

  • value (Union[float, int]) – the initial value of the slider

  • min_value (Union[float, int]) – the minimum value for the slider

  • max_value (Union[float, int]) – the max value for the slider

  • dtype – the data type for the slider, either int or float.

  • orientation – the orientation of the slider, either horizontal or vertical.

  • on_change (Callable[[Union[float, int]], None]) – callback for when the slider value changes. The callback receives the new value of the slider as an argument.





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